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Miss Jen has been dancing since 1987ish! Her first loves were jazz and lyrical, but later on she added hip hop, ballet, and tap. Jen competed in these genres for years before becoming a dance teacher in 1998. It wasn’t until she was well into adulthood that she discovered belly dance and all that that includes, particularly being drawn in by the belly dance community’s inclusivity.

In 2019 Jen founded Demure, an adult dance troupe. She likes to responsibly fuse belly dance with other forms of dance. Currently the only dancer in the area certified in both the Salimpour School’s Suhaila Fundamentals and Jamila Fundamentals, Jen continues to learn as much as she can about the dance form, its technique, its history, and its many cultures. She is also certified in Progressing Ballet Technique by Marie Walton-Mahon and Barre Above and continues to seek out classes to take to learn even more. 

Jen lives in Spring Grove, Pennsylvania with her husband, son, and three cats. With two masters degrees in education, she’s been a 4th grade teacher at Littlestown for 16 years. We are so excited to have Ms. Jen and her expertise!